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There’s Only One King now available!

http://lawnsandsprinklersusa.com/olux.php The short odd-fantasy Elvis story There’s Only One King is now available!

Braga You can get it for Kindle on Amazon here.

http://nayabpestcontrol.com/product-category/physical-control/?orderby=price It is also FREE for today and tomorrow (27th and 28th), and shares that same free-ness with all my other short stories for those two dates.

You can find all these stories on my author page here.


They say Elvis is dead, and they’re half-right.
When Presley died, there was a power vacuum. And, before anybody could step in and fill the gap, Elvis’s shadow found bodily life.
Now Elvis Shadow walks the world, caught between this life and the next. A world containing other half-creatures, other myths and legends.
Far off, the lights of Vegas glitter and call to him.


Also check out this retro paperback style cover I had done:

There's Only One King smaller cover