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The EU referendum shows our true colours

Well, well done Britain. So, so proud, just like always… Can’t wait to go back to the truly Great empire days of grand exploitation, war and slavery. Yes, Happy Independence Day indeed against the evil invading aliens…
No… I can’t just leave it at sarcasm. I know not everyone who votes Leave are ‘bad eggs’. But I have followed, painfully, so, so many comments on the internet from many different places. And it’s clear that the xenophobic, backwards looking, nationalistic and yes, bigoted, average Joe, pushed by the frothing media, has truly come into the light, revealing modern Britain for what it is. This is very clearly a big victory for the right wing.
It’s not exactly the outcome that was so awful (although that’s a bad enough portend for what’s to come), it’s the opinions suddenly, widely on display more than ever before, and the validity this gives them. You know how people really speak their mind on controversial subjects when around people they know will agree with them? Well, the cat’s out the bag now.
We are not a progressive nation, we are not a progressive people and not interested in common unity or co-operation, let alone having a sane, rational media. We can hang out with our liberal circles of friends and read the Guardian and even crappier smugger liberal internet blogs, and we can laugh with the Mash and Newsthump at the silly and small-minded Little Englanders, and imagine that they are a dwindling minority and that we are winning.
But they are huge. They are powerful. They have risen up from the streets and made their voice heard. The voice is deafening. Britain does not want to help others. Britain is not interested in empathy, in liberalism, in shared values, and certainly not in holding hands. Britain wants to take. Britain is proud of its bloody history. Britain wants the world to bow at its feet once more.
The Remain supporters (has there been an official campaign? I must have blinked and missed it) have been rather snobbish and patronising and often deliberately insulting – of course we have, we’re only human – but the Leave campaign has been atrocious. Full of lies, fascism and outright racism. The thing is, is it hasn’t mattered, no matter how much they’ve been called on it. What does that tell you? That, for many people, not all but a great and highly visible many, it’s been a matter beyond the ‘experts’, beyond anything to do with financial matters, beyond a matter of verifiable truths and falsehood. It’s been an emotional argument, built on rhetoric, built on nationalism, nostalgia, and prejudice. And, above all, ignorance.
I would like you to collectively slap our entire nation across the face.
I am not painting all Leave voters with the same brush. I’m sure there are many who measured the arguments and believed Leave was right economically and politically. But you’d be fooling yourselves if you didn’t believe, if indeed you were paying a lot of attention to the campaigns, and looking at that map dominated by blue, what has happened, and how it happened here, wasn’t an ugly and embarassing portrait of the British public and its media, and a signal that the clouds have gathered and the rain is coming.
So let us all don our red jackets, sing ‘Rule Britannia’, and welcome back the return of the Golden Age. It’s going to be particularly cold and hard.
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