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  1. Hello,

    One of our authors forwarded us How Not To Kill Yourself and we were impressed. Would you be interested in issuing it as a zine? Please get in touch and if you have other appropriate projects, please pitch them to us.


  2. Hey Set! I backed How Not To Kill Yourself on Kickstarter. I read it and totally loved it. I thnk itโ€™s the best book Iโ€™ve ever read. about depression – and I have read a lot of them. So came here to check out your blog and discovered your fave quotes which are fantastic. Thanks for making my day.

    1. Hi Michelle! Sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve only just seen this. Thank you so much for backing it and your kind words. Really glad you love it! Means a lot to hear such things ๐Ÿ™‚
      All the best,

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